Building MagikBanner an AI assisted banner image generator for marketers

I am starting a new project called MagikBanner. An AI assisted banner image generator. I asked a few marketers about where do they get banners and other graphics for their work. Some get it from in-house graphic designers, but most create it themselves using various online and offline tools. Learning those tools can be tricky and it’s also not a marketer’s primary function to create graphics. Especially when you need to create same kind of images for various platforms in various sizes, it can be a real time sink.

Hence, MagikBanner. You can just enter a few words, upload your logo if you wish and press a button and the service will generate a bunch of banner images automatically. It will automatically pick an image or pattern to be used as background, place the caption and logo where it sees fit and add a bunch of other effects and filters. You can select one of the options or generate more banners. Then whatever design you liked you can either tweak it more to your liking or get the design delivered in various sizes.

What kind of banners can be generated with MagikBanner?

  • Facebook and Twitter preview images
  • Facebook and Twitter profile cover images
  • Instagram stories
  • Apple App store and Google Play Store preview images
  • YouTube video thumbnails
  • Blog post featured image
  • Ad banners
  • Pinterest images
  • WhatsApp status images

And more.

Where does the AI come in? I plan on using GPT3 to detect the core theme of the banner and the theme will decide the colors, the fonts, placement of the objects, the image, the pattern. A banner for a CRM tool will have sophisticated business like look and feel, a banner for a cake shop will have informal and pleasing feel to it. Possibilities are endless.

If this sounds interesting, head out to and join the wait list to get updates on the progress and get notified when it launches.